APRIL – chocolate, radishes and lettuce

This month we have been very busy, we started back with an Easter egg hunt. We found lots of chocolate eggs hidden around the garden. It was great fun. We then checked our planting and found that the beans lettuce and radishes had grown lot over the holidays.

The radishes had grown so much we could pull them up and EAT them we all tried them, some of us really liked the peppery flavour. Hopefully the beans and lettuce will keep growing aswell.

We prepared some more of the bed taking the weeds out and raking it over, in this patch we planted carrots. We also planted lots of flower seeds the garden is going to be an array of colour.

Each week we weed and water all the plants and seeds. The potatoes are growing well in the sacks we cant wait for them to be ready.

The exciting news is that there is a family of birds nesting in one of our bird boxes.


there’s so many
Broad beans and lettuce
picking the radish
preparing the ground


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