May 2017

Filling up the bog
making a “wigwam” for the sweet peas
planting sweetcorn for the pizza patch
watering the bog
planting up wellies
weeding ready for some vegetables
watering the newly planted buckets
our new “sink” bed
tomatoes going in the pizza patch

Wow what a busy month May was we used our own made compost to fill up the loo so we can create our own bog garden. We also filled an old sink with plants and soil with special plants that donot need as much water they are called Alpines.

In the ‘pizza patch’ we have planted some basil seeds and tomato plants. We also planted some sweetcorn seeds to put in there once the plants have grown.

In the shed we found some buckets left from the beach trip last year, we decided they would look lovely on the fence so we got busy planting them up and attaching them. We think they look bright and beautiful what do you think?

In the big veg patch we have been busy weeding getting the soil ready for some news seeds, The children will be planting soon.

Mrs Hardy and some of the children have made a wig wam for the sweetpeas to grow up. We are all looking forward to them flowering.

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