Excellent start to the year

Before… watch this space
Before we planted the pansies
Tired looking wheelbarrow will soon be replanted
Beautiful pot
Planting Alium bulbs
Cleared veg bed
removing the thistles that had grown over the summer
Spreading our Compost

We have been so busy in the first few weeks of Gardening Club this year.
We have already cleared our veg bed ready to plant it up again. Our own made compost is ready to be used so we have also put a layer of this on the bed. It will be delicious for the worms.
We were given some beautiful mosaic pots from Mosaic Club so we have planted them up with some all year round shrubs and some bulbs ready for spring.
We have planted some bulbs in the small garden and are looking forward to spring to see the flowers.
The seaside buckets have been planted with Winter pansies too.
There is still so much to do and we are all looking forward to seeing what we can achieve this year.

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