Spring is coming!

Wow! what a busy time we have had. Firstly after our new polytunnel ripped we have managed to replace. We have now changed the position of the tunnel before putting on our new cover, hopefully this will stop the wind from damaging it again … fingers crossed! 

Mrs hardy and Mrs Rowland took a visit to the garden centre, they came back with lots of shrubs with various foliage these will look great in our bed.

We are sure you will agree …

Along with planting these shrubs we have also been dead heading the daffodils so they will flower again next year, we have continued to weed the veg bed too. We have also topped up the potato plants with more soil to keep them growing.

At Gardening Club we have been given an old book storage unit, we have now adapted it on to a raised veg plot.

In this we have planted 5 colour carrots,  radishes, beetroot, lettuce, regular carrots and spring onions.

More news, from recent posts a local gardening company got in touch with Mrs Rowland and have donated a collection of raised planters for our new area. They will need a few more coats of stain and then are ready to plant up. Thank you to IMAGE GARDENING.

We had some extra help from a familiar face .. thank you to Garry too! 

When they are planted we think these will also look amazing… pop back and check on us soon.


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