A busy week

We have been very busy already this week.

On Thursday Mrs Hardy took a group to paint the new planter with another coat of wood stain. Mrs Rowland’s group took down the buckets on the fence some were replanted and moved to the year 1 and 2 area.

On the fence we will be planting up some tin cans to make these suitable for the plants we had to drill holes, using the drill carefully and sensibly.

On Tuesday we were very lucky to have lots of extra helpers, we had some stones delivered for the new area, lots of staff came to Bellinge to help move the stones, it was very hot work! using buckets, spades and a wheel barrow the job was soon done. The area looks amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped we really appreciate it.

Wow that’s alot if stones!
Team work .. weed clearing
Hooray its almost done!
What’s going to work? TEAMWORK!

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