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Gardening Club at Ecton Brook Primary School is all about getting children outdoors and excited about nature and gardening. We started in November 2013 and currently have 14 members. The children are in year 3 and 4 at the school. They have bags of enthusiasm and are happy to get their hands dirty in all weathers. We have loads of projects planned for the school and we can’t wait to put these into action. We currently have two raised beds, one of which we plan to fill with vegetables in the spring. The other contains lots of different herbs.

Our plans for 2014 include creating some mini, wild meadows around the edges of the playground and building some sensory gardens by planting more herbs and spices in raised beds. We are applying for funding and soon hope to be able to purchase some equipment such as gardening gloves and wellies for the children and also more raised beds so we can create our sensory gardens.

We always love to hear your thoughts, so please comment on our posts. You can also get regular updates on Twitter (@mariecatdavies) or send me an email: mariecatdavies@live.co.uk

About me

My name is Marie Davies and I am a teaching assistant in Year 3 at Ecton Brook. I studied Ecology at the University of East Anglia and am interested in all types of wildlife. I love finding ways to inspire enthusiasm about the natural world and I am particularly interested in incorporating that enthusiasm into education.

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