Boxes, Feeders and Chitting!

WOW! What a busy time we have had at Gardening Club. We started the year by making our very own bird boxes. We used hammers, nails, teamwork and lots of concentration. last year we had a family of Blue-tits nesting in an old box so we hope these boxes will encourage many more birds to visit our garden.

The boxes are now hanging in the woods. There is a photo on here so you can see what we made.

Also to encourage the birds to visit we made some bird feeders using sunflower seeds and apples with the cores removed so we can hang them from the trees, we hope the birds find them tasty!


Chitting on the windowsill
Waiting for a family
Preparing the beds for broad beans and radishes


The end of 2016

The last week was a special one in previous weeks the children had made glass lanterns decorated with tissue paper, some were sold at the fayre, the adults kept enough back for an end of year treat with the children.

The lanterns (containing a tea light) were carried down to the woods we all walked in a line sensibly.

When we reached the woods it had been decorated with fairy lights and tinsel. Mrs Hardy had made a fire we learnt the fire circle rules (ask the children what they are). Mrs Hardy and Mrs Rowland had also put out some yummy treats for us to eat and there was hot chocolate too!

We hope you have a fabulous School Holiday see you back in 2017!

Winter activities

As its cold and wet outside we have bee keeping busy with some indoor activities. In the last few weeks we have been making things to sell at the PTA Christmas Fayre. we will use the money to purchase things for Gardening club to use the children will decide what this might be.

We painted some plant pots and planted daffodil bulbs in them. They will grow and flower in the spring. Mrs Hardy had some teasels which we decorated with ribbon and glitter. The strawberries in our bed had produced some runners  which we potted up and sold.

Using tissue paper we decorated some jam jars some we sold and some we used in our last week before the holidays (see the next blog).

Some of the children were able to help run the stall they were amazing.

The total we made was £22 thank you for your support.

Award winning crops

img_1336  img_1341 img_1342 img_1343 img_1344 img_1345 img_1346 img_1347 img_1349 img_1350 img_1351 img_1352 img_1355 img_1358 img_1359

Gardening Club is in full swing, in September we cleared part of the bedded area so we could plant our first lot of onions. We all emptied the pots and tubs and planted many bulbs including tulips, daffodils and aliums. We also planted some more bulbs on the big hill, we learnt that we have to plant the rots pointing down so they can grow,  these will look lovely in the spring.

The big news is that in October some of the children and staff went to the ‘Northampton In Bloom’ awards ceremony we all worked very hard all year and the judges were very impressed with all of the efforts we made. Gardening Club won the GOLD AWARD. All the adults are so very proud. Lets hope we can do it again!

We are now on a count down to the Christmas Fayre in December we are making some natural decorations and planting some bulbs for you to buy. Please come and have a look.


Ants in your pants!

It was great to be back on the Ecton Brook campus today after not seeing them for a while. All the girls had deserted me this week, but the boys were superstars and worked really hard. However we had a bit of trouble with ants! Clearly, while we had been on Easter holidays, ants had decided to move into all the patches we had cleared. We didn’t mind too much though, because it meant we got to have a really good look inside their nests and at all their eggs. Fascinating!








Fun in the Sun

We were blessed with beautiful weather for our first session back on Bellinge Campus this term. We had so much to do and everyone worked really hard. We planted some more strawberry plants which were kindly donated by Mrs Male, so we are hoping for a bumper crop this year! We also had another generous donation of plants from a year one parent, thank you very much! This included lots of pretty flowers and some compost, so we got busy adding these to our pots. We also planted some peas and did lots of watering, as all the sunshine had dried everything out.






The Easter Bunny pays a visit

This week, on Bellinge campus there were two birthdays in Gardening Club! The Easter Bunny somehow heard about this and left us lots of eggs! The gardeners took a break from gardening to decorate Easter bags, then go on an egg hunt. I think the highest number of eggs found was H with seven, but everyone was very kind and shared everything out.











Gardening Club Medley

We have been very busy clearing and digging on both campuses in Gardening Club over the past couple of weeks. Here is a selection of some of the best bits in a photopeach. Look out for the gardeners using the first of our homemade compost, as well as a special appearance by Mrs Turner, who kindly came along to help us out.

Gardening Club Medley

Exploring the woods

This week on Bellinge campus it was very cold so we decided to have another run about in the woods. We collected some sticks and leaves to make little homes for different insects and we climbed lots of trees.














Homes for nature

It had been snowing again in Northampton this morning, but the gardeners on Ecton Brook were not deterred. We headed out in our wellies and warm coats to make some little homes for the local wildlife. I am so proud of the gardeners for their work this evening. They all worked so well as a team and their effort and behaviour were outstanding. Well done everyone!