Getting ready for the Big Schools’ Bird Watch

Earlier in the week we decided we would like to take part in the RSPB’s Garden Bird Watch. This is happening all over the country and it is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the RSPB’s amazing work. To help prepare for this, today we placed a bird feeding station outside of our class room with lots of tasty treats for the birds. We are hoping that with this (and all the other bird feeders we have been making in Gardening Club) we will attract lots of birds for when we come to do the Bird Watch. For more information about the Bird Watch please visit:

Bird feeder

Bird feeder2

Tree necklaces

Today was our first Gardening Club session of 2014 and we were all very excited to get back to work. As there is still very little to do outside in the cold, we stayed indoors and made some more bird feeders. We used needle and thread to string plain popcorn and dried cranberries. These weren’t just to make the trees look pretty. The birds find these foods delicious and when they have gobbled everything up, they will use the string in their nests. We went outside and hung them in the woodland area.

gardening club 14-01-14 322

gardening club 14-01-14 328

gardening club 14-01-14 324

gardening club 14-01-14 329

gardening club 14-01-14 335

gardening club 14-01-14 330

Feed the birds

Tuesday 10th December 2013: This week we made fat balls for all the hungry birds that are around at the moment. We melted lard and mixed it with seeds and dried fruit, then put it into plastic cups with pieces of string. Once the lard had cooled in the fridge we cut away the plastic cups and hung the fat balls out in the wooded area. We checked a few days later and they had been completely gobbled up – all that was left was the string! Sadly that’s it for Gardening Club this term, but we will be back after Christmas with lots more fun activities and plans for turning Ecton Brook Bellinge Campus into a wildlife haven.