And the winner is…

A! Well done A for your beautiful design. It has been proudly placed on the front of our Gardening Club Journal. It was a tough decision with so many fantastic entries, but A’s efforts and attention to detail won the prize. Thank you to everyone who entered.



Beginning our Gardening Journal

It was another rainy Gardening Club session on Bellinge Campus today, so we decided to use the opportunity to start putting our journal together. The first thing our journal needs is a front cover. We are having to little competition to see who can design the best front cover, with a prize for the winner and runner up. I’m sure you’ll agree the designs are looking awesome so far!

G club 001

G club 002

G club 003

Year 3 002

Year 3 003

Year 3 004

Year 3 008

Even Miss Cooper wants to enter the competition 🙂

Year 3 009

Collecting and pressing plants

Along side digging over the vegetable patch (see previous post), today Miss Cooper took a few children to collect some leaves so we could press them and put them into our journal. Once the leaves had been collected, we put them between pieces of paper and then placed them inside heavy books. We will check them in about two weeks, by which time they should hopefully be ready to put into our Gardening Club journal.